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Javascript Application - Grouped Asset Types not Showing Up in Legend

Question asked by ipeebles on Nov 13, 2013
I have a javascript application that contains a legend that you can expand and collapse.  The problem is, the symbols I have grouped together are not showing up as one symbol within the application.

1.  Here are the symbol properties of the layer:


As you can see, I have multiple asset types grouped together to form an ACTIVE label.

2. Here is how the layer appears in ArcMap and how I want it to appear within the Javascript Application:


3.  This is how the symbology is appearing in the Javascript Application:


The problem is, the ACTIVE asset type is not grouped together.  There are multiple green points rather than one green point.

4. The symbol grouping works for the Silverlight Viewer Application:

The Silverlight Viewer application is able to handle the grouped symbol types as shown below:


Is there a way I can get these group symbol values to display properly within the Javascript application?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.