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ArcGIS Portal Extesion Licensing

Question asked by ivv-splatz on Nov 11, 2013
Hello all,
Today I've installed the ArcGIS Portal Extension, but I have some problems starting the Portal.
Some basic information:

  • Windows Server 2012 with ISS8

  • ArcGIS Server 10.2

  • Of course I've fulfilled the necessary steps like opening the ports, creating a ssl certificates, enabling https, bind the ssl certificate to port 443.

I've also licensed the Portal Extension, but for whatever reason the portal's startpage show me the following error:
Software Authorization
Portal for ArcGIS does not have a valid license. For instructions on how to authorize the software, see the help topic Authorizing Portal for ArcGIS on Windows or Linux.

Once authorization is complete, please open the Portal for ArcGIS website.
See attachment pictture 1.
So...there might be some error in the licensing step or recognizing, that there is a valid license, but I don't get any errors. The licensing-process went well, and it seems, it worked, but unfortunately I get the above mentioned message (see attachment picture 2).
I've also run the authorization process twice, restart the ArcGIS Portal Service, restart the Webserver, restart the whole Server - no sucess. Still same message.
Any tipps?


P.S.: �?hhmmm...just a general question: Is ArcGIS Server Geoportal something different tan ArcGIS Portal?