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Reclassifying a raster to create polygon issue

Question asked by eddie416 on Nov 5, 2013
I'm having some issues coming up with a plan on how to solve my problem. Basically, I want to reclassify a raster with values 0-255 (see capture1). I want all areas with imagery to be reclassified to a value of 1 and all black areas to be reclassified to a value of 0. The issue is, the black areas don't contain all 0 values.

This is an issue because the end goal is to create a polygon that only encompasses the area that contains imagery. When I reclassify, it looks like capture2 (see attached). I can't pick a range of values to select the black area because then I will be selecting pixels in the imagery as well.

Can anyone come up with a solution to this? Could I use some sort of line detection process to do this or is there another way?

Appreciate any help!