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Aerial Imagery and Map Cache

Question asked by geonetadmin on Oct 21, 2013
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Original User: MCline19

I am working on a map cache of some aerial imagery and could use some advise as how to improve the quality of my imagery.

The speed improvement of the map cache is excellent, but I obviously did not choose the optimal Cache Tile Format, as the quality of my aerial imagery greatly decreased from the original quality.  View-able here:

When I created this map cache I used "PNG8" for my Cache Tile Format.  I am working with ArcServer and Desktop version 9.3.  I have read that JPEG is best for raster imagery; however, I have also read that JPEG does not support transparency and I can not have a black background surrounding the aerial imagery.  All these things considered which Cache Tile Format would provide the best image quality without any black background pixels: PNG8, PNG24, PNG32, or JPEG?

The process takes so long to run, I would rather not learn by trial and error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!