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Geoprocessing Service returning empy output in ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight

Question asked by geonetadmin on Oct 10, 2013
Original User: danielchaboya

i've posted this question in the Silverlight viewer forum but have yet to recieve a single repy.   Hopefully there is someone here that is using the viewer that may help.  I've created a very basic model that uses the MakeFeatureLayer tool that produces an output using the tools built in query.  The tool publishes successfully and I can use it as a service in ArcMap.  However, when I attemp to use the tool in the Viewer it runs successfully but produces an empty output.  A pattern I have noticed is that it will produce empty datasets whenever I use a tool that uses a query (e.g. MakeFeatureLayer, SelectLayerByAttribute, Select, Feature Selection Iterator).  If I use these tools without using the query function, it works (it's essentially a copy of the input).  Any thoughts as to why query/selection functions are not working?  Any ideas on workarounds?

I've been trying to develop a script tool that uses a search cursor, but i'm not sure how properly set it up.

For the model, the input a feature set, the output is a shapefile that is sent to the scratchworkspace when run as a service.