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Raster (GRID) Dataset symbology will not display if zoomed out beyond 225,637

Question asked by kesl461 on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by kesl461
I have a set of Raster (GRID) datasets all with the same properties.  One of them will not display the correct symbology in ArcMap if zoomed out beyond 1:225,637.  I do not have a Scale Range set for this raster so it should display at all scales.  When set to the Stretched Black and White symbology, and zoomed to the  full extent of the dataset, it appears as a black box [ATTACH=CONFIG]28191[/ATTACH].  If I zoom in to 225,637 or less the raster displays normally [ATTACH=CONFIG]28192[/ATTACH].  If I zoom out at all beyond this extent it appears all black.  Anyone have any ideas about how I can get it to display the correct symbology at all scales?