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Apparent bug in custom base maps not drawing upon lounching of the AGOL map viewr

Question asked by santiago1780 on Oct 9, 2013
Dear ESRI:

We have been evaluating AGOL for organizations for a large scale deployment, and while we are largely pleased with the platform, we have encountered what seems to be a bug that is somewhat inconvenient. 

We have created and uploaded several custom base maps which are shared with a "basemaps" group as web maps provisioned by tile services.  While the entire set of custom basemaps shows in the "basemap selector" on the map viewer, and one can choose and switch between them, they don't draw when the map viewer is first launched (i.e. when one creates a "new map", or opens a web map that was saved using a particular basemap.  This is true for the "default [custom] basemap" set in the organization settings, as well as any other basemap shared with the basemap group (which provisions the basemap selector).

The basemap group and all it's content is shared with the organization, so it's not a matter of sharing permissions, and this bug is reproduced for all user roles and in different browsers. 

I've noticed that when you first launch the map viewer, it seems to be reading the default basemap, as you can see the "credits" text for it over the gray (i.e. basemap not drawing) background.  When you click on the basemap selector, it takes a while to render the basemap thumbnails, and once it does, clicking on any (even the one for the default basemap) will result in the immediate drawing of said basemap.  So it might be that AGOL is not reading and "caching" the content of the basemaps group automatically and hence it doesn't draw until it is manually triggered to read it.

Your feedback and support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advan

Santiago Gonzalez Arriola
Information Systems Specialist
and Geomatics Consultant
Tula Foundation