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Interpolating a concave point cloud avoiding pixelated raster output

Question asked by jolou on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by jolou
Hello, I have a problem with clipping a raster,
first of all, I had LIDAR files in .asc format, I created a point cloud shapefile out of it and try to interpolate the shape to have an elevation raster.
That's where my problem is :
- I first used Natural Neighbor tool, the raster was fine but as the point cloud is concave, ArcGIS filled the concavities where it should have let them empty.
- I then created a polygon following the shape of the point cloud in order to run a clipping process, but after the clip done, the output raster was really pixelated. (I also tried the Extract by Mask tool, same problem)
- Finally I tried an interpolation by Spline using Spline with Barriers tool choosing my polygon feature as extent but after one hour and eleven minutes of processing (indeed, 3 000 000 points cannot be interpolated in a minute) it crashed...

Here I come trying to avoid nervous breakdown or burning down my computer, hoping that you're gonna come out with a brilliant idea. I'm just looking for a decent interpolation of a concave point cloud.
Thanks in advance,
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Edit : Here are two pictures of : first, the raster before clipping, interpolated using Natural Neighbor, second, the raster clipped using the polygon created from the point cloud.