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Conflict definition/conflict resolution concept,

Question asked by on Sep 29, 2013
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Conflict definition/conflict resolution issue,

As I understand, the conflict resolution states which database is determinant in case of conflict. What I couldn�??t figure out is the impact of conflict definition (by object/by attribute).


1. I have the sde.default and u1.u1 version


2. The sde.default and u1.u1 are updated (feature #9 is updated spatially and by attribute as shown below)


3. The reconcile/post is applied is applied where the conflict resolution is set to be �??favor_target_version�?� which means that the updates (spatial/attribute) of sde.default replaces their corresponding values of u1.u1. the conflict resolution is set to be "by object"


4. The result is shown in the screenshot below (both location and attributes are updated based on the sde.default)


What I couldn�??t understand is the impact of setting the conflict definition to be by object or by attribute. In these two cases, the result is the same. Both spatial location and attribute values are updated

What is significant about the conflict definition (by object/by attribute)? where its impact can be felt?

Thank you