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Unable to delete ???file geodatabase???,

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 29, 2013
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Unable to delete ???file geodatabase???,

I wanted to delete the file geodatabase but sounds not to work and got the message below knowing that this file goedatabase is a replica from the enterprise geodatabase ???N??? and from which the data is published by the ArcGIS server.


What might be the issue then? why it is impossible to delete this file geodatabase?

To give a context for this problem, I???m frequently used to delete this file geodatabase (which is a replica from the enterprise geodatabase ???N???) due to the fact that some changes on the enterprise goedatabase are not reflected to the replica when synchronize (then the easiest way is to delete the old replica and to create a new one) such as :

1. If feature class added to the enterprise geodatabase then it is not added to the replica when synchronize

2. If a field is added to a feature class in the  enterprise geodatabase then this field is not added to its feature class in the replica

But originally, why do I need to create replica?

I publish the data from the replica (file geodatabase) but not from the enterprise geodatabase to gain some performance. If the data is published directly from the enterprise geodatabase then accessing the published data (services) gets quite slow.

Thank you