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Change report data source?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by guarnerij
Original User: alnesbit

Hello all,

I'm using 10.1 ArcEditor. I have a report (.rlf) file that I created based on an old table. I have a new table that I want to run the report on but it doesn't let me simply point it to the new table? There is no where for me to path it to the new data source. What a huge waste since I have to know recreate the report from scratch just because I want a new data source. I want the same report layout and even the same field names just a different table.

One time I got a window to pop up that asked me the new field name and what the table was called but that must have been a fluke because I can't get it to pop up that window again?

Does anyone know if this is possible?