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importing models from CityEngine to ArcGIS webviewer

Question asked by thssamsyn-is-esridist Employee on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by thssamsyn-is-esridist
Hi there.
I have got shape files (houses) in 3D which were made with the Stereo Analyst extension in Arcmap (works with Leica photogrammetry suite).  When I import them into CityEngine everything is alright. But when I export them as a cityengine webscene and upload them into my content on ArcGIS online they show up with some of the walls or roofs transparent or missing. 
I'm attaching pictures fro the CityEngine viewer and the ArcGIS online web viewer to show the problem.
I'm pretty new to City Engine so this is hopefully something very simple.

Hope fore a quick answer.

Best regards
Thorvaldur E. Saemundsen