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panchromatic does not look the same in Image Analysis, export, and arcpy

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 16, 2013
Original User: dmortenson

I have a multi-spectral image and a panchromatic image for the same area.

In ArcMap, I used the Image Analysis tool to generate a pan-sharpened image and it looks great - but this is a temp file.

I tried to export the image with these options:
* Use Renderer
* Force RGB
no compression.
Saved as a tif.

The resulting image is less clear than the temp file. Areas where it is easy to see a golf green is more generalized. Looks like the cells shifted one up and one left, tho I can live with that.

I tried the pan-sharpening in arcpy. It changed the tones completely - Instead of having distinct colors, it's mostly a blue. Here's the code - used the same parameters in ArcMap, Image Analysis.

arcpy.CreatePansharpenedRasterDataset_management(composite_751, "3", "2", "1", "1", pansharp_751, mosaic_band8, "Gram-Schmidt", "0.11", "0.14", "0.14", "0.61", "Landsat 7 ETM+")

How do I get the results I get from the temp file?

Image 1: ArcMap Panchromatic - on the fly. Cannot save the same way.

Image 2: Arcpy version of the panchromatic.

If I bring the arcpy version into ArcMap, looks like this image. If I turn off any stretching it's almost black.

Thank you for your assistance.