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Linear Referencing Route Overlay (Adding Events)

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 12, 2013
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Good Afternoon,
Despite my very ambiguous title I will do my very best to describe my situation.
Currently I have a Major Road Network route system that has the typical to and from fields that one would expect to find in a similar route based feature. I also have a route designation which allows individual streets to be considered routes (not the entire network)[ATTACH=CONFIG]27415[/ATTACH]  See the figure.

I also have another series of lines that are not route features. These are line features that follow the exact same path as my Major Road network routes but lack the route attribute information. What I want to do is some how take the line feature none route and add it to my Major Road Network as a route event without manually measuring and plotting different areas and adding the information in through fields. The First picture attached in this message is the basic MRN route with to_ and from_ attributes. [ATTACH=CONFIG]27416[/ATTACH] This is the base data that I wish to add events too.

The second image is of the line features that I wish to add to my route Major Road Network in the form of events. As you can see it doesn't cove the entire network. ( the dark green) but it lines up perfectly. Any background color difference has to do with the line layer size. [ATTACH=CONFIG]27417[/ATTACH]
I would greatly appreciate any help and if any more clarification is needed (I know I am not the most articulate) please let me know.
Thanks so much