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WebGIS Concept - is it possible? (newbie question)

Question asked by Schlomm_1 on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by sunilpalkar
I've recently made some deeper experiences with ArcGIS Server 10.2 (like connecting databases, setting up a Feature Access Service and WFS Service) and the Java Script API for ArcGIS....of course I've played around with the examples and tutorials.

What I want to do next: Building up a small WebGIS oder WebMap with the following use case and features:
UseCase: WebGIS/Webmap should show geographic, socioeconomic information. Additionally user should be able to add, edit and delete features. Above of that ~ two specific tools for analyzing particular circumstances like amount of women and men in one district.
Data: Are completely available (geographic and socioeconomic)
Add, edit and delete feature: Feature Access Service will be set up to allow people the required actions. Datbase is also available.
Specific tools: Popups should show diagrams.
For the implementation perspective: I will use Java Script. I haven't got much experiences but I hope it will work by "learning by doing". Furthermore and like 've said, the examples are really usefull. In general my WebMap should be an compilation using the examples specified for one Use Case using my data.

Parts of the WebGIS/Webmap:



As you can see...There's much to do, but of course, I can use many of the already existing examples.

Some further questions:
1.) Is this possible? I mean, is it possible to include all these parts into one application? If yes: is it relatively easy to do that or are there many and "deep" problems? From my point of view, which is admittedly up to now limited, it should be feasible.

2.) Is there any way, using the TOC (maybe provided by nliu), to change the order of layers? Or is there any alternatives around? I've found

3.) Is there any way to show something like an attribute table? Like using a sidebar or the footer space...

4.) Any tipps or recommendations ;)?

Thanks and Cheers and sorry for the Wall-of-Text.