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Field Enrichers Stop Working

Question asked by arepsher on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by geonetadmin
I have a GEP service that uses a few Field Enrichers.  Those Field enrichers consistently "turn off" after midnight local time.  I see the results in my CSV output.  That output is set to roll over daily to a new file.

Before midnight, the Message Definition field in the CSV output file is showing the message def name of the last field enricher, and I am getting all fields.  After midnight, and the creation of a new daily CSV, the Message Definition field is now showing the name of the original message def and the file does not contain the data from the file enrichers.

I took a few shots of the process....

The Service:[ATTACH=CONFIG]26880[/ATTACH]

The input is a simple "Receive text from a TCP socket."

The next step is a field calculator.  Since my feed's time data is not properly ISO 8601 tagged as UTC (Z), I must convert it to local time so that GEP can properly process it:

The first Field Enricher is simply adding additional (semi-static) attributes from a CSV file:

The second Field Enricher is converting a coded value to a human-understood name.  These do change often over the life of the track:

Looking at the Service picture, after the Field Enrichers - from top to bottom:

  1. A specific vehicle's track (filter for one specific IP) is being captured and dumped into a CSV file and rolled over daily (AVL-GoldExp-CSV).

  2. The enriched feed with no filters is dumped into a CSV file and rolled over daily (out_EnrichSRND_csv)

  3. The enriched feed with no filters is dumped into an "Update a Feature" output with max feature age of 1 min.

  4. When a vehicle passes within 200m of one of our radio system's tower sites:[ATTACH=CONFIG]26884[/ATTACH]

    • It is tagged with the name of the tower with a GeoTagger:  (sorry, I ran out of pictures that I could add)

    • ...and dumped into an "Update a Feature" output, with max feature age of 10 min. (AVL-SiteProx100-FS-out)

    • ...and dumped into a CSV file that is rolled over daily. (AVL_SiteProx_file-out)

[HR][/HR]Please forgive the naming conventions.  A lot of the elements are remaining from the initial attempt at getting this all working - two versions of the Beta ago.

I am wondering if the CSV file rollover has anything to do with the problems.  Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?