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ArcGIS Online -> The layer <layername> cannot be added to the map.

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2014 by larrycamp
Original User: Schlomm

I have some problems with the functionality of some basic feature like viewing my stored web maps of my account within the ArcGIS Online portal.
I've created a map with ArcMap and published this map to my ArcGIS Server as well as to ArcGIS Online.
The service is up and running and I can view the map with the ArcGIS Java Script API (Link of ArcGIS REST Services Directory )
I also can view the map with " Map" if I click in the link in ArcGIS REST Services Directory.

Then I log on to the ArcGIS Online portal. There I can have a look for the map in my gallery. I can open the details, edit the descriptions, delete the map....
Within the map gallery site I have the Open-functions "Add to map", "Add to new map", "Open in ArcGIS Explorer Online" and "Open for ArcGIS for Desktop"....For now I'm only interested in the ArcGIS Online functions ;)

So...I open the map with "Add to new map", "Open in ArcGIS Explorer Online" and here's my problem: I get the error: The layer, <layername>, cannot be added to the map. The layer isn't either visible in the content tab.
There is also (sometimes?!) the problem that I can't add the layer via "Add->Add layer from web". I have no idea on which criteria this depends. In one map it work, in another not. Very frustrating...

So....any suggestions to solve the problem of displaying the layer while I'm logged in?
And any tipps why sometimes it's possible to add layer and sometimes not?
Thanks in advance,