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Published Mosaic Dataset: Greyed Out

Question asked by Playa on Aug 17, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by geonetadmin
We are currently still using ArcGIS 10 for our Desktop and Server.

We have suddenly come across the following problem and not sure what has changed that can be causing our published Mosaic Datasets to grey out when zoomed into the individual tiles level. We have made sure that the ArcGIS Server SOC and SOM accounts have full access to the directory wherein which we are publishing our Mosaic Datasets. We have also ensured that we are using UNC paths for the Mosaic Dataset. The Mosaic Dataset draws correctly within ArcCatalog, in that the Mosaic displays correctly when zoomed into the individual tiles. As soon as we publish the Mosaic Dataset, the published service will display the overviews but not the individual tiles. Our only work around at this stage is to store the images within the File Geodatabase. The problem is that we can't keep converting our aerial orthophotos into grids as we are losing the compression that they are currently stored in (ECW and MrSID) and will run out of storage space. Any help or advice will be appreciated.