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Very Old Maps showing in custom iPad App

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 14, 2013
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I am an Account Manager on an iPad app we are creating, and I am here seeking answers for my developers.

The app we are creating relies on the maps to be very accurate. Within our app, using the latest ArcGIS iOS SDK, we are running into an issue with very old map data showing. We need help troubleshooting how to get the maps to be more current. Is it a problem with map layers? Caching?

When we were showing the app prototype to the client, he noticed that this one port in particular is completely outdated. He said the map was from 2008 -- because work didn't begin on building the terminal/infrastructure until 2009.

In our app, the area in question is just dirt. However, when you look up the same area using the ArcGIS Web Map, it is completely different -- showing cranes at the edge of the port/water, a huge parking lot full of cars, and buildings.

The area in question:
APM Terminals
1000 Apm Terminals Blvd, Portsmouth, VA,+1000+Apm+Terminals+Blvd,+Portsmouth,+VA&hl=en&ll=36.872308,-76.353178&spn=0.034709,0.043602&sll=36.871519,-76.342278&sspn=0.069418,0.087204&oq=APM+Te&t=h&hq=APM+Terminals,&hnear=1000+Apm+Terminals+Blvd,+Portsmouth,+Virginia+23703&z=15

Please review the attached screenshots, and please help me resolve this with my developers. Thank you!

App View using ArcGIS SDK

ArcGIS Web Map (