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Add Coded Value to Domain... Schema Lock

Question asked by DanielaPalacios on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by DanielaPalacios

Hello Everyone,


I am developing  a web application for Cadastral Managment and I want to express a problem I am having when trying to add a coded value to a Domain.


I have a domain that stores the different projects my company may manage, they can be big projects or really small (quick) projects. The person using the web application must be able to add a new project to this domain using the web application and not ARCGIS for Desktop (some users will be non-arcgis users)


The domain is called "GP_Projects" and it stores projects in the following format ='N-PV-001 (code)  'ASP Project' (Description).


As the title says, I am having a problem with the Schema Lock which does not allow me to add this new coded value. I am using arcgis 10.2.2 and ArcGIS Server to connect to an SQL database


Please I would really appreciate your help on this matter as it is important for the application to allow adding new projects as needed and without having to do it manually trough Arcgis for Desktop.


Things I know:

- When I do it manually through arcgis it works (we cant have the users doing this or wasting time looking for someonte to do this.. the less they have to administrate arcgis, the better)

- I know that a solution would be to stop all the services, but as you may know this is not possible (or an option for the purposes of the application, as it is a multiuser app).


If there is no way to avoid these locks, can anyone suggest a different solution? Thanks a lot.