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WMTS bugs & WMTS in PrintTask offset issue

Question asked by endre.stoksethgeodata-no-esridist Employee on Aug 1, 2013
I just includes some public WMTS layers in a javascript app using JS API 3.5:
Url to WMTS:

I did found some small bugs that might be helpful to know about:
1) Typo error in wmst.js that has been there for a while (read thread)

2) Error in PrintTask when printing wmts layers. In function "_createOperationalLayers(map)", case "esri.layers.WMTSLayer", the code expects the layer to have an layerInfo array. It does not. So I changed the code:
layer: _3d.layerInfos[0].identifier,
   style: _3d.layerInfos[0].style,
   format: _3d.layerInfos[0].format,
   tileMatrixSet: _3d.layerInfos[0].tileMatrixSet

 layer: _3d.layerInfo.identifier,
   format: _3d.layerInfo.format,
   tileMatrixSet: _3d.layerInfo.tileMatrixSet

Finally I could create a PDF using wmts as baselayer, but the wmts layer offsets to an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer. Both having the same SpatialReference(EPSG:32633).

I tried to open the data in ArcMap 10.1. But ArcMap did not show any WMTS data at all! Anyone know if this is related to this known bug? (
The WMTS I connect to only offers "KVP" as serviceMode.

Any known workaround to create print combinding WMTS and ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer with no offset??

Attached screendump showing offset. One using WMTS as basemap, the other using ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer as basemap.

Thanks, Endre