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JP2000 Compression: Is there a bleeding?

Question asked by sarajase on Jul 12, 2013
Hello All,

I am converting TIFF images (1970's geo-corrected aerial photographs) to JP2000.

I am using the arcpy.env.nodata = "MAP_DOWN" to reduce the NoData values of 256 to 255 (other values remain the same).

The results are as below when I use high compression - arcpy.env.compression = "'JPEG2000' 10"

obviously the bleeding is visible at whole image and when zoomed close up.

The NoData values (red color - some what dramatic) persist and are actual.


When I use no compression - arcpy.env.compression = "'JPEG2000' 100"

The results are as below. NoData values seem to be at whole image and not present when zoomed in.

In fact there are NoData values anywhere in the image (no holes).


Anybody has more information or thoughts?

Thanks to all who tried ...