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After search Dojo data Grid won't show the result and weird behavior

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by geonetadmin
Original User: dexconor

So, this is my search
I type 5 into search box and the results are highlighted but no result shows
Below is the weird thing, if I change size of browser then it shows top of rows other wise
remains above
        findTask = new esri.tasks.FindTask("http://localhost:6080/arcgis/rest/services/fc/agr/MapServer");

        dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", function() {
          //Create the find parameters
          findParams = new esri.tasks.FindParameters();
          findParams.returnGeometry = true;
          findParams.layerIds = [2];
          findParams.searchFields = ["OBJECTID","Number","Abbrev","CampusCode"];
          findParams.outSpatialReference = map.spatialReference;
          console.log("find sr: ", findParams.outSpatialReference);

function doFind() {
     findParams.searchText = dojo.byId("searchField").value;

      function showResults(results) {;
        var symbol = new esri.symbol.SimpleFillSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleFillSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, new esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, new dojo.Color([98,194,204]), 2), new dojo.Color([98,194,204,0.5]));
        var items =,function(result){
          var graphic = result.feature;
          return result.feature.attributes;
        var data = {
          identifier: "OBJECTID", 
          label: "OBJECTID", 
          items: items
        store = new{ data:data });
  var grid = registry.byId('grid');
        map.centerAndZoom(center, zoom);

      function onRowClickHandler(evt){
        var clickedTaxLotId = grid.getItem(evt.rowIndex).OBJECTID;
        var selectedTaxLot;

          if((graphic.attributes) && graphic.attributes.OBJECTID === clickedTaxLotId){
            selectedTaxLot = graphic;
        var taxLotExtent = selectedTaxLot.geometry.getExtent();

<div class ="toggle" id="menu_subA">Enter building number, name and abbreviation<br>
  <input type="text" id="searchField" size="30" value="" /><button data-dojo-type="dijit.form.Button"  onClick="doFind();" value="Search">
<table data-dojo-type="dojox.grid.DataGrid" data-dojo-id="grid" id="grid" data-dojo-props="rowsPerPage:'5', rowSelector:'10px'">
          <th field="Number" width="50">Num</th>
          <th field="Abbrev" width="50">Abbr</th>
          <th field="CampusCode" width="50">Camp</th>

I presume it's because of div that surrounded data grid?
and the div is a slide menu using jquery.
is there any way that I can fix both?