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Web Editing with Versioned Data

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 7, 2013
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Original User: Richmondgis

I am lost on how to set up a web editing instance using versions.  I'm sure I am making this much harder than it is.
Enterprise SDE (10.1) and ArcGIS for Server 10.1.

I would like to publish a version of the data for editing.  This will help insure that the edits are reviewed before posting to the default.  I have both database authenticated and window authenticate users and connections.  Most of the desktop editors use a Windows authenticated connection. Each editor has their own version and I created a new version (child of the default) for called WebEditing. I am only authoring one layer (point file of about 200 cemeteries) and share as a service.  After authoring a map and setting the version to WebEditing I share the services. (pretty straight forward)

In analyzing the site, an error about feature service not being set to a registered database is returned.  (If I try to publish the data using the Default version, this error is not returned, but due to protections of the default version, no editing can take place)

I have read many articles trying to resolve the issue of serving out the versions data and have tried to fix this issue in many ways. Registering the database in every way possible,  I feel now that I am too much into the weeds on this issue. 

I know this should be a very simple process:

  1. create a map with versioned data

  2. share it out as a service

  3. consume it in an application with editing tools

What am I missing?????