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No editable layer - Feature Service

Question asked by ionarawilson on Jun 5, 2013
I need to publish a feature service that is editable in ArcMap but it does not work. I created one geodatabase (using sa and sde passwords).  I created one user to publish the service and created a role to grant permissions to the user. Below is the syntax to create the role. I made sure in  SQL, the Default Schema name was the same as the User name and I checked the gis_dataloader database role for the user.

Then I added a database connection using that user account (LOADINGSARS) and created a feature class. I then clicked on the feature class and  granted all permissions not only to the role I created (gis_dataloader), but also to my operation system account (that is recognized by the server). When I try to add the user (LOADINGSARS) to  the privileges in arcCatalog, it does not keep the user there (I guess because I am connected as the user?). I add LOADINGSARS to the privileges, check "select", insert, update and delete but when I click ok, the user disappears.[ATTACH=CONFIG]25028[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]25029[/ATTACH]

I made sure the data in Arcmap was editable and I published the feature service. Then I connected to the server as a user with my operation system account (iwilson) . When I add the feature service to ArcMap I get the error "No editable layers" and the warning "The workspace containing this data cannot be edited" (please see images). The feature service is editable in but not in ArcMap. What would be the problem? Thank you for any help!

CREATE ROLE gis_dataloader;
GRANT CREATE TABLE TO gis_dataloader;
GRANT CREATE VIEW TO gis_dataloader;