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Problem with size of labels

Question asked by leafit on May 21, 2013
Hello everyone

Introduction to the project:

The Android-app we're creating shows a map, with all the buildings (approx. 30) of a university on it. We have one ArcGIS mapservice per building and therefore one "ArcGISDynamicMapLayer" per building on the map.
The MapServices are configured to show a label on every room, which contains the name of the room.

The Problem:

The labels, mentioned above, do not scale properly with the zoomlevel. There are services, whose labels don't scale at all and others which are to big.

Overview with both buildings:

building which doesn't scale

building which scales to much

Both services have the same labeling-info:
[INDENT]Labeling Info:
Label Placement: esriServerPolygonPlacementAlwaysHorizontal
Label Expression: [LOC_CODE]
Use Coded Values: true
Color: [0, 0, 0, 255]
Background Color: N/A
Outline Color: N/A
Vertical Alignment: bottom
Horizontal Alignment: center
Right to Left: false
Angle: 0
XOffset: 0
YOffset: 0
Size: 8
Font Family: Arial
Font Style: normal
Font Weight: normal
Font Decoration: none
Min. Scale: 0.0
Max. Scale: 0.0 [/INDENT]


  1. Is it possible to change labeling parameters programmaticly? Or do I have to change them on the server? if so where (which program)?

  2. Is there a solution, which provides the functionality to have the labels on an ArcGISFeautureLayer? Eg. a layer which derives from featureLayer but provides the functionality to have labels? (I've seen some posts concerning this matter but I haven't found a satisfying solution)