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Define side of window/door ?

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 13, 2013
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I am working with CAD integration to make a floor plan. I would like to know that can CE define a side of window(Outside face or Inside face). For example I have a slide window that I slide to the right How to make sure that model that i generated the inside face of window will slide to the right.

For clearly understand. I will tell about the step that I am working.

1.I imported CAD to Arcmap and convert it to polygon
2.Define the type and attribute of each polygon. what is it floor,window, railing, door, stair etc.

3.I import it to CE and make a magic 2D floorplan become 3D floorplan
4.And now as the question Can CE define a side of window(Outside face or Inside face)?

For more information
I have 10 style of window and I can change by dynamic. For example pic

: For the style of window. I made it from facade wizard to make a complex split rule file and remove coding for UV texture. After that I combined rule file together with simple window rule.

: But there is a problem If the shape of window polygon have a different axes. It won't work. I have to use alignscopetoGeometry operation to make it work again.

Monrath P.