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Converting 2D raster scanned map to DEM

Question asked by con20or on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by con20or
I tried two really great tools this weekend, ArcScan and TopoToRaster. They do exactly what im looking for, but i would like to improve the results a bit.

I downloaded a sample contour map off the net

then used ArcScan to make the contours into vectors giving me this image


im happy with it, even though i could probably tweak it a bit using the hole and gap settings - and then i run TopotoRaster giving me this greyscale  DEM.


but as you can probably see, the levels are is coloured as lower when it should be higher and vice-versa. I'm guessing thats because the vector contours i used had no elevation field? The manual is a bit unclear - it seems to imply the contours are all you need, but surely you need a starting elevation? Do i need all elevations?

Any suggestions?