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ArcMap 10.1 not communicating with Digitizing Tablet.

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 15, 2013
Original User: EastCentral

Recently we had to update to Windows 7.  Now we have lost the capability to use our Altek digitizing tablet with ArcMap.

We have Tablet Manager (VTablet) installed and its cursor (puck) is functioning just like a mouse; i.e., it can be used to click anywhere onscreen.   But when I try to input control point locations from the digitizing tablet, they are not recognized by ArcMap.  Here is a screen shot of the ArcMap GUI in question.


As an FYI, I had to use the ESRIRegAsm utility to get the Digitizer tab to appear in the GUI (even though I installed ArcMap AFTER installing the Windows 7 version of VTablet.  Here's a screen shot of of one of its GUIs.


Has anyone else either A) had this problem; OR B) have succeeded in getting their digitizing tablet to work in Windows 7 using ArcMap 10.1?  If so, are you using VTablet or something else?