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ArcGIS Engine/Developer Kit (Which do I need?)

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 21, 2013
Original User: montazery

First of all I want to say Hi to all members, I'm new in ArcGIS and this forum too, I am a longtime other GIS desktop and programming products. Recently I'm making my own way to develop in ArcGIS, specially using ArcGIS Engine/Developer Kit product, I have a question that I need some shed of light from everyone who could help me.

I'm planning to build an add-in or even an extension using .NET that will perform some action using buttons and forms. The situation more/less is when the user click on a button on my toolbar, the button will show a form, after user fill in the necessary information he/she click on the form OK button then a procedure will perform.

I know this is common in an add-in or extension tool, the problem is which product do I need so I can acomplished this needs? Is it only ArcGIS Engine that came with ArcGIS Desktop installation or do I need a standalone installation of ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit?

Btw, if I'm posting in the wrong forum please someone could move it to the right one.