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ArcGlobe 10 v 10.1

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 14, 2013
Original User: SStrand

About a month ago I did a project using ArcGlobe 10 to do some flyovers and had labels and such in the project. Everything worked great and I really loved how well the software worked.

Then last week I upgraded to 10.1.

Today I had to do some updates to that project. Here is a list of issues I have now come across:

1. Labeling visualization has changed. If you label points in v10 Arial, size 14 italics with the color white and compare it to the same labels in v10.1, they look different. It looks like in 10.1 there has been a slight halo added to text without halos turned on.

2. Labeling does not always work. Depending on the size of the font used, labels would appear and disappear randomly. I mean, size 16 they would show, size 18 they wouldn't and then size 20 they would again. There was no logic as to why they would stop working, just that I had to play around with them until they did what I wanted.

3. This is the big one: Once I set a definition query on a layer, if I removed it, the layer was always treated like that definition query was still there. If I tried a new definition query, the only options I had to choose from when building it, were based on the previous definition query. I found no way to fix this other than removing the layer from ArcGlobe completely and re-adding it.

4. The program is extremely unstable now. In v10 I could play on it all day and even have multiple globe projects open at once. In v10.1 it has crashed on me half a dozen times when very little was going on. Once was when I was exporting a small jpeg of the screen.

Has anyone else been using ArcGlobe in both v10 and v10.1 and run into issues like this?