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(Again) ???Table to table??? & ???table to domain???,

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2013
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(Again) �??Table to table�?� & �??table to domain�?�,

This may be the third time I�??m highlighting this issue. Importing table to domain is really very frustrating issue and regularly ends up with error.

1. I tried to apply the tool �??table to domain�?� from an excel table to SDE database but ends up with an error.

2. Mr. Whitley recommended to import the excel table to the geodatabase and then to apply the command �??table to domain�?� from there. The issue is that this approach works in certain cases but fails on others. For example, the attached goedatabase contains two tables which I fail to stick in the domain by the command �??table to domain�?�.


I�??m not sure if there might be a root solution for this very frequent problem.

In the past, I have encountered a similar a very frustrating problem�?� Paste failed: �??The spatial references don�??t match�?�. I got help from many of the experts on the forum but sounds not to work. Josh Thompson has introduced a root solution for this issue. Without his very appreciated input I will be struggling each single time I import feature classes to geodatabase. If you are interested, please, access the link below:

I think this is the sort of solution that might form an end for the �??tragedy�?� when using the command �??table to domain�?�

Thank you