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Viewshed & Distance Calculation

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 23, 2013
Original User: lipsc1sw

Hi all,
I'm working on a project right now and am looking for some advice. 

Basically, I want to run a Viewshed for each point in a feature class.  I want every visible cell to be assigned a distance weight depending on the nearest visible observation point.  To do this, I've reclassified cells that are not visible at all to NoData in order to act as a mask for the process and then used the Euclidean distance tool.  When using one point at a time, this process works.  However, this will eventually be used for many points so manually doing this would not be efficient.  Using the iterative functions in Model Builder, I've tried to iterate a sample point class.  However, it is not assigning weights with the mask as I had hoped. 

The first two images are the model and results that work with one point.  The last two are what I use/get when I try it with multiple points.  As you can see, views that should be blocked are getting values assigned to them when it should really be assigned to another point that is visible.

So...maybe I'm just looking at this all wrong.  Is there a better way to achieve this?  Is this even possible?  Or should I start writing a script to do this?  I'll be looking at this all night, so any help would be very appreciated.