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Buufer new generate new table.

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by nqazi
Original User: nqazi

I have query about the data in the buffered operation. please have look to the attached model. i have two  features class in two separate shape files namely sewered area  and septic tanks. my intention is to find the nearest distance of selected sewered area with the septic tanks. i make a model using model builder (attached).  i buffered the sewered area within a given radius and than extract the septic tank in the buffered area using intersect as shown in the table. than i used the near generate table to find the distance between the septic tank and sewered area. however i found than this model return me 0 in the near_dist field of the generated table by the  near Generate near Table  giving bufferedsewered.shp as input and bufferedseptictank.shp as near feature input to near Generate Table , the output Generatedistance.dbf however does return the data but the near_distance filed bear 0. but when i used sewered area as input to  near Generate near Table rather than bufferedsewered.shp  along with bufferedseptictank.shp as near feature  i received data in near_dist field. is it because of buffered operation or is there some thing else should i do . i attach both the model please advice. i appreciate any advice. when we apply buffer tool over any feature class than the output of the buffer tool contain data from the attribute table of the input feature class within buffer radius ? looking for advice.