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9.3 vs 10.1 Yields Different Results

Question asked by woobers on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by bniemand-esristaff
Why does the 10.1 geocoder yield different results on the same dataset?

All of the geocoding parameters are the same, the only difference I see is that the Standardized Address checkbox is greyed out in the 10.1 Geocoder.  I have created several geocoders including single address and general address all with the same results.

Here is a specific example:

These addresses were matched in 9.3 but were unmatched in 10.1

Input Address_____________ Matching Address___________Score
10382 SW KENNEDY ST______10380 SW KENNEDY ST______64
10618 NW MALIA LN_________10617 NW MALIA LN________64
10918 SW CELESTE LN_______10910 SW CELESTE LN______64


Any ideas?