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Vector Transformation.

Question asked by pavsanto on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by pavsanto

I have a Geo Tiff file and a DGN for the same region. I have applied two point CAD Transformation for the Bottom left and Top right coordinates of DGN file and imported DGN into a Geodatabase feature dataset.  When I Overlay the imported feature dataset on the Geo Tiff Image.. there is a slight tilt at Top left and Bottom right coordinates, not exactly matching the Top left and Bottom right coordinates of Geo TIFF file. Other two coordinates are exactly matching.

Please find the attached image files in Full Extent and Zoomed@TopLeft. Kindly let me know if any Transformation needs to be applied. If yes .. Which Interfaces and Classes ?? I Only have a Developer Kit License and Donot have a Desktop license, so please do not mention any Desktop related tools.

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