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Wild-cards for Picture Marker Symbol

Question asked by uppsala67 on Jan 21, 2013

I am not yet sure what kind of symbols I will use for the final layout of a point-shape-file. So I would like to use a Wild-Card (let's call it "wildcard1.jpg") which is saved in a folder (let's call it "Folder_Symbols"). Maybe it looks like this one: [ATTACH=CONFIG]20926[/ATTACH]

I used about 25 of these symbols (up to 5.5) and then start to decide which symbols i finally want to use. E.g. this one: [ATTACH=CONFIG]20927[/ATTACH] instead of the Wildcard. I would like to rename the train-symbol to wildcard1.jpg, put it in the folder and replacing the "old" wildcard1.jpg.

And now: Is it possible that in 10.1 the picture marker symbol is automatically replaced by opening the mxd-file next time (or refreshing something)?

Thanks for an answer