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Join Field is succesful, but many records fail to join

Question asked by awinant on Jan 10, 2013
I am using ArcGIS 9.3.
I am attempting to �??Join Field�?� from a dbf that I exported using ArcGIS from an xlsx file into a geodatabase (mdb file). The dbf table is approximately 5000 records, and the geodatabase file is 170,000 records. The dbf was created by extracting all unique rock descriptions from the original geodatabase file. Unique descriptions would then be used as the join field to join the dbf to the geodatabase. (This is after I did some work manipulating other columns which are to be included in the join.)
What gets me is that the join works successfully, yet a large percentage of records fail to join. I have checked the records (description field) which fail, and the identical description can be found in the joining dbf table for every single one. I cannot find anything unique about the failing records when I scroll through them. Please take a look at the attached screenshot of a few descriptions that failed (description is join field, LITH 1 is an example of a field that should have been filled in and contains data in the dbf).
Also attached is an image of my join field dialogue. I have had to trim the photo to keep the client's name out.
I would greatly appreciate any response!