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Get a Smooth Map??

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 9, 2013
Original User: pjbcoetzer

Hi Guys,

I am generating maps that will be used as base maps for a web mapping portal. Obviously we will be using AGS with cached map services. One thing that I noticed when setting up the maps, that the lines are not as smooth or rounded as expected. Now our users are expecting some beautiful maps like Google, Bing or even Tom Tom maps �?? more smooth edges, high def icons etc.


1. How would I style lines and polygons, to display better? My attached screenshots shows typical styling in ArcMap vs. styling of Google, Bing and TomTom
Now my ArcMap styling is not far off, but there is a haziness when looking at the text and lines�?� even though anti-aliasing is on, on the AGS server

2. ArcMap only allows for bitmap images as marker symbols/icons. How would I get high def icons with transparent backgrounds (png) to display on the map?

3. How would I style a line to show direction, but have the arrow part blend in, in ArcMap? (See Direction Sample image attached).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.