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Database /Geodatabase administrator password,

Question asked by on Jan 9, 2013
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Database /Geodatabase administrator password,

When creating ???enterprise geodatabase???, it is clear that the ???Database administrator password??? that we need to provide is the same as the one we set at the stage of installation of ???SQL server???.

The issue now is the ???Geodatabase administrator password??? that we need to provide.


1. At which stage this password is set?
2. Or are we required to set the password at this step?
3. If so, why we are not required to confirm it?
4. If the password is set at this stage, then why it should be provided all the time even in case of different database (keeping the same database platform)
5. Is the ???SQL Server Management Studio??? is the only tool by which we can change this password? Are we able to change it from the ArcGIS?

Thank you very much