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Float field value in scientific notation returns incorrectly

Question asked by jeff.m.reinhart on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by geonetadmin
I have a value stored in a field (type "float") that is not returning correctly when checked using Arc software (ArcInfo 10.0, sp5). For instance, the following screen shot shows when statistics are run on the AREA field that contains the errant value. Note that all values shown do not have digits in the tens or hundreds places, yet the Sum for the field comes out with a 4 in the tens place.

The AREA value at issue is for the row "VALUE" = 90. If the value is accessed using a SearchCursor, the mysterious 4 shows up. Here are the results of a SearchCursor on the VALUE and AREA fields:

Running script GetValueFail...
11 348300.0
21 6800400.0
22 1271700.0
23 153000.0
24 55800.0
41 37431000.0
42 3447000.0
43 1559700.0
52 5323500.0
71 686700.0
81 18106200.0
82 4005900.0
90 80477104.0
95 50004900.0
Completed script GetValueFail...
Succeeded at Fri Dec 28 12:12:36 2012 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

Note that while the field shows 8.04771E+07 in ArcCatalog (which would be the correct value), the value that is returned is 80477104.0.

When the table is exported to dbase and viewed in Excel, or if the value is copied from the field and pasted to different software, the value is correct. However, when the value is checked within Arc, the incorrect value is returned. I have also tested this in ArcMap using the Select by Attributes tool.

The attached zipped folder contains a geodatabase with the table and a toolbox with the script added, the script, the script message, and the exported dbase table.

Why is this value not being returned correctly by Arc software?