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Tables in Dojo Dialog inheritance issue with IE

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 21, 2012
Original User: amarsden


I have a Dojo dialog, which I am pushing data into from an ID task.  The data are in a table.  This tabe, has a width set in the CSS for a percentage.  This works fine in all browser but IE (tested up to IE9)

This is as it should be (CSS width set to 50% to show clearly what is happening

Here is IE -

The Dialog is created with these parameters

new dijit.Dialog({ title: "Layer Infomation", id: "LayerInfo", autofocus: false, refocus: false, style: "overflow:auto" });

With these other CSS settings

.dijitDialog {
    max-height: 50%;
    max-width: 50%;

IE seems to be applying the %age width of the table incorrectly - in fact it seems to ignore it totally.

Any ideas?


Edit - Work around - I enlcose everything in the dialog in a div - which has the "overflow:auto" property.   And width to 95% - I've left the actual dialog box at a constant size.  This has the desired effect -both scroll bars when there is more than the amount the dialog can cope with and, more importantly the close button not being hidden y one of the bars