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High Priority: Need help regarding Hard disk space.

Question asked by sunilpalkar on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2013 by sunilpalkar
Hello All,

It is regarding ArcGIS Server for Amazon EC2 instance.

We have ArcGIS Server 10.1 installed on AMI EC2 instance and now we are facing space problem. We have few map services around 12 to 15 map services and only 1.5 GB space remaining on C drive.

I spoke my IT admin and contacted support but not get satisfactory answer.

I have stored all data on D drive still wondering that few service definitions files are created on C drive.

The arcgisserver folder size is 2.35 GB still it is showing that all my C drive is approximately full (Please check the screen-shots and please explain me why it???s taking the too much space.)

According to research, I found following options:

1. Completely move (the arcgisfolder) to D drive

2.Increase the space of C drive ( I don???t want to restart my machine because its production machine and REST services has the
ip  address so If I restart the machine the IP address will change and I need to update REST url with new IP address [Which is not possible : (  ]

3. Delete all services (& recreate it on D drive, which is not possible.)

4. My IT admin has checked the all settings of C drive and we are wondering that why it???s taking too much space on Amazon instance (We do not have any cache services)

I remember that in previous version i.e. version 10.0 SP3 I did not face this type of problem.

Please check this and let me know suitable option so that we will do this is on Downtime.

Software's : ArcGIS Server 10.1 & ArcGIS Desktop 10.1  , O.S : win 2008 R2

Any help will be highly appreciable ???thanks in advance : )