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Custom Geoprocessing Tool and Button do not work after ArcMap is closed

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 7, 2012
Original User: SStrand

I have a python script that I want to have in my normal.mxt as a button. Here are my steps to do this:

1. Open ArcMap with a blank MXD
2. Menu Customize -> Toolbars -> Customize...
3. Commands tab -> select "Geoprocessing Tools" category
4. click Add Tools...
5. Navigate to Script and add.
6. Drag script to Toolbar in map document.
7. Close customize window.

- At this point I can use the button and it works fine. The problem comes when I save the document, close out of ArcMap and save it as my .mxt document. When I reopen ArcMap, the button is there, but it is greyed out and I cannot use it.

Where am I going wrong? :confused: