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Dissolve based on attribute without changing geometry/vertices of shared boundaries

Question asked by jay.schwinn on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by jbooth
Is there a way to Dissolve multiple polygons that share the same ID without changing the geometry of shared boundaries?
For instance, in the following attached graphic, I have four polygons all with the same attribute ID , M-45.

If I were just Dissolving or Merging Polygons A & B, I'll get one multi-part polygon, with 8 vertices total.  Same thing if I combine A & Z. So while they are now one feature, I can still manipulate the vertices of each square independently.

However, if I Dissolve Polygons B & C, the boundary will be dissolved, and I will have one rectangle shape whereas I'd rather retain the boundary line and all 8 vertices.

I realize that this is standard operating procedure for how Dissolve and Merge works, but does anyone know a way around this?