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A problem with two-way geodb replicaitons among 3 ArcSDE databases

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 5, 2012
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I have been playing with geodatabase replications with our GIS team to evaluate performance and understand the functionalities as this is new to us. One test I did for two-way replication among 3 enterprise SDE databases give me some results that I can not understand.  All databases are ArcSDE 10.0 SP3, and all edits are in default version. I can not understand why in the last step, 5.), the SDE2 does not show any changes on map that are made in SDE1, and also the compression of SDE1, SDE2, and SDE3 does not compress the A and D tables at all in any of them.

1.) copy a polygon feature class FC from SDE1 (Oracle) to SDE2 (Oracle),
set up two-way replica  between them by
registering replica data only. Make edits in both.
and sync them starting with SDE1 as parent.
The map shows changes between them are identical. But note internally,
SDE1 still has a hidden system replica version, which is not cleaned up at the end of sync, that is referenced by the default version.

2.) copy FC from SDE1 to SDE3 (SQL Server). This only copies the base table with the original version before the edits in 1.), not the changed data in A and D tables as the default version in SDE1 is still referenced by the hidden system version. The copy/paste seems to only apply to non-referenced default version. As a result, the FC does not match between SDE1 and SDE3 in ArcMap. To prove this, I performed the next step.

3.) resync FC between SDE1 and SDE2 to clean up the hidden replica system version in SDE1, and perform 2.) again. This time, all default version in SDE1 is copied over to SDE3 and the FC is identical between SDE1, SDE2 (and SDE3) in Arcmap.

4.) register FC in SDE3 as versioned and create a two-way replica for it between SDE1 and SDE3 using "register data only". Make edits in SDE1 and sync with SDE3, the FC immediately matches between them in ArcMap.

5.) sync between SDE1 and SDE2, but FC in Arcmap for SDE3 does not change. Resync between SDE1, SDE2, and SDE3 does not help resolve the difference. The A&D tables for FC in SDE2 do show increased counts that matches the counts in A&D tables in SDE1. Attempts to compress all three SDEs do not help reducing the A & D tables in all of them and help resolving the difference.

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