Map Sharing Between Devices

Discussion created by jpapirti on Aug 18, 2010
Hi ESRI Staff,
I just had a chance to watch the ArcGIS for iPhone ??? Developing Applications Using the iPhone API presentation from the 2010 UC conference. 

At the end of the presentation Divesh was presenting an application that shared maps across a bluetooth connection (still working out the bugs).  I pretty sure that I heard that a demo would be presented on some of the code behind how this was accomplished. 

Is there any chance that you could post or relay the information that was presented in that Demo?  This is a great feature for collaboration and consuming information.  This would be great in my industry. 

Also, the presentation was great! just wish that there was more tutorials in video form, similar to what was presented at the User Conference. 

Any chance that ESRI will offer classes on iOS or mobile development?