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weighted sums

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 20, 2012
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Original User: crood_oyl

hello. I have tried doing a weighted sums with data that i have but the output only appears within a specific band rather than over the entire map.... I have attached some screenshots.

I have reclassified most of the data with 10 being the desirable areas down to 1. and then areas that i do not want i have reclassified as nodata but this reclassifying to nodata does not change anything. i tested it. changing it to 0 instead and the output is still only within this band rather than over the whole map....

also i am starting to wonder whether or not i should use euclidean distance and then reclassify or instead use multiple buffer rings???

Also when i use identify in the areas outside this band it does not even recognise the raster being there.... help...xx