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Bug in Spatial Analyst - Block Statistics, Aggregate

Question asked by ftonini on Nov 19, 2012

I would need some help with the following issue, which is maybe a bug in the block statistics tool, in ArcMap 10.0 (sp5).
I am trying to compute the median using the block statistics tool over an integer-type raster at 30m resolution (Fig. 1), for the entire State of Florida. The median is computed in my case using a rectangle (square) neighborhood of 67 x 67 cells, so that it matches the desired output block I need which is 2010m (30m x 67 = 2010m). However, in output, differently from block statistics mean or standard deviations (using the same neighborhood definition and extent) I only get a raster with values only for the outline boundary of the State of Florida, with nothing else within it (Fig. 2). I have tried the same procedure on a small subset of the 30m raster and used a neighborhood of, say, 10 x 10 cells instead of 67 x 67 and it works...that is why I believe it is a bug of some kind.

As an alternative, I also tried to use the Aggregate tool for the median, but there I found a different kind of bug I believe, since it return a full raster image, as it should, but with a few horizontal strips across the image (Fig. 3)....this does not happen for the mean for example.

Please any help is much appreciated since I need to find any kind of workaround.