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Discussion created by chlang on Aug 18, 2010
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I have a large amont of CAD data in several local Mine Grid projections.  These Mine Grids can be translated to UTM by rotating around the X,Y and Z axes, applying a false northing and easting and elevation correction, and scaling (not necessarily in that order, and I'm still trying to figure out the order of operations).

Mine Grid to UTM conversion - 7 parameters:
scale factor[/INDENT]

I looked at the Local Cartesian Projection in ArcGIS, but it is defined relative to a geographic point (Lat/Long) rather than a Projected point (Easting/Northing) and the parameters for this projection are not well defined in terms of how they should be specified.  I had thought that my grid should be based around the x/y/z translation in my 7 parameters, but then what would my false easting and northing be?  And can I specify an azimuth that is rotated around all three axes somehow?  Or is it that the software can determine the x and y axes rotation automatically when it places the plane tangent to the specified point and all I'm putting in as an Azimuth is the z axis rotation. 

Local Cartesian Projection - 6 Parameters:
[INDENT]False Easting
False Northing
Longitude of Center
Latitude of Center
Scale factor
Azimuth [/INDENT]

Does this make sense to anyone?